The Oneida Football Club, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1862, was the first organized team to play any kind of football in the United States. The game played by the club, known as the “Boston game”, was an informal local variant that predated the canonization of rules for soccer, rugby, or American football. The club played in the Boston Common from 1862-1865 against pickup teams throughout the Boston collegiate community. A commemorative plaque stands in the Boston Common which reads:

On This Field The Oneida
Football Club Of Boston
The First Organized Football
Club In The United States
Played Against All Comers
from 1862 to 1865. The Oneida
Goal Was Never Crossed

[This monument is placed on Boston Common November 1925 by the seven surviving members of the Team.]

On St. Patrick’s Day [March 17th] 2011, the Oneida FC was re-established as a contemporary sporting entity in homage to this original team, and currently supports two teams; one competing in the USA Rugby League National Championship, and the other in the Bay State Soccer League. These two teams are referred to as: OFC/RL & OFC/S, for Rugby League & Soccer, respectively. They are based from Cambridge, MA, and are affiliated as a brother club to the Boston 13s RLFC.

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